Angelo Seminerio - Another year of Sports Action Photography

February 20th, 2015

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It is so enjoyable being able to take photos of Angelo. I believe it was 2010 when I was asked to first cover a game for Angelo. His mother, Jodi, brought me on as their sports photographer, and I received a call each year to keep coming back. Over the years, I have really seen him grow as a basketball player and into a young man. His first step has really improved and his ball handling skills are amazing. I look forward to the next couple seasons to see what he can bring to the Boylan basketball program. 

I ventured out on a Friday night to capture some more images of Angelo. I wanted to try a couple lenses that I don't pull out of my bag very often. Jodi has expressed that she really likes an image I captured last season with my wide angle lens. I set out with a specific image in mind. This was a fun challenge for myself and Angelo didn't disappoint. He gave me a couple chances to get some great images. My shot count was way down, but I believe the few images I got will be a great addition to their wall.

The Seminerio's have been so kind, and I cant thank them enough for the support to continue with my dream as a photographer.

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