Michael Galluzzo - Senior Portraits

February 1st, 2015

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Having worked with the Galluzzo family before, I was very exited when Mary call me about Michael's Senior Portraits. I photographed his sister Marina less than a year ago and enjoyed the images we were able to get on a less than perfect day. Mary told me that part of Michael's senior portraits were going to be in his hockey gear and that we were going to shoot on the ice. I was up for the challenge.

I went over to Carlson Ice Arena and spoke with some very helpful people to get a date set that worked for us. They told me it was difficult to use there location and it would be best to take the photos at Riverview Ice House in Rockford. The location was perfect for what we were trying to accomplish. 

During the photo session, I asked Michael how long he had been playing hockey. He told me he was very young when he started and I could tell he was very comfortable on the ice. That lead me to one of the last images we shot that day. I assumed my position laying on the ice and I told him I wanted him to spray me with ice as he slid towards me. I gave him a spot on the ice to stop (about 2 foot from the camera) and he nailed it every time. He did get a really good spray that covered my camera and me. I had my wide angle lens on the camera to give a distorted look to the images. I enjoy working with talented people, it makes my job as a photographer so much easier.

Michael, Congratulations on your senior year and look forward to the outdoor session this spring.

To be continued...


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